"Where The Air You Breathe is Clean"

Lo Eco Cleaning

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Cleaning Services Offered

  • House/Apt/Condo
  • Move in/Move out
  • New construction/post home improvement
  • Small business offices
  • Hair/barber salons
Cleaning Provides: Weekly, Bi-weekly, One time special ocassion or day and Monthly rates

Cleaning Services Include:
All rooms: general cleaning, dusting(top doors, window sills, ceiling fans blades, baseborards/crown molding) vacuuming, sweep/mop floors and empty all waste baskets.
Bathrooms: clean, scrub and sanitize tile, bathtub, shower, toilet and sinks. Clean mirrors, clean and shine chrome fixtures, sweep/mop floors
Kitchen: clean, scrub and sanitize countertops, backsplash, sinks, stove tops, range hoods, clean microwaves inside & out, refrigerator front & top cleaned as possible, applicances wiped down, sweep/mop floors
Family living & common areas: window sills and furniture dusted

Rates: Can vary by the location, size of the job, the time of completion and specific task. Call 
            to schedule your in home estimate.

Note: We do offer competitive rates and all cleaning includes the use of family & pet friendly environentally safe products .

Weekly Discounts: Sunday, Monday & Tuesday $25.00 OFF ALL FIRST TIME DEEP CLEANING JOBS

Why Us

Lo Eco Cleaning believes that a clean house and business is more than just a preference, it's a necessity for good mental and physical health. Maintaining a regular cleaning schedule is just as important as healthy eating, exercising regularly and taking vitamins. This is why "Where The Air You Breathe is Clean" is very important.  We ensure that your residential and small businesses will be just that.  The decision to choose green cleaning services is important for your health as well as the health of the plants, wildlife and the people around you.

Lo Eco Cleaning Packages:
  • Limited Cleaning Package
  • Choice Cleaning Package
  • Classic Package
Extra Services: Cleaning inside refrigerator, freezer, inside oven, wash walls, interior window cleaning.